Whoever Said Global Warming Doesn’t Exist…

…needs to come to my town for a visit.

Here, in January, it is normally 20 degrees. And snowy. And blustery. And dark. And … well, wintery.

Today? Today, I took my kids to the park. We do that sometimes, in January, TO GO SLED RIDING. Today, there was no sled riding. Today, we did some sliding, but it was down the sliding board and not down a white, cold, snowy hill. Today, we also did some swinging, and some running, and some jumping. We did some chalk-drawing. We did some picnicking. In short, we did things we normally do in April. Or June. Or September. Not January.

Either global warming is for real, or I am insane [very plausible in any case], or northeastern Ohio has plate-tectonically shifted itself down somewhere near New Zealand. Because I hear that the south Pacific has summer this time of year, which is what it’s starting to feel like outside.

Hm. Maybe I should check in with my buddies down under and find out if they have snow. If they do, it might be a sign that the earth is just upside-down. Now, wouldn’t that be a pickle.


3 thoughts on “Whoever Said Global Warming Doesn’t Exist…

  1. No snow here….Auckland’s weather today??
    Temperature: 23 °C
    Wind Speed: 4 km/h
    Wind Direction: ESE
    Rainfall (last hr): 0.0 mm
    Humidity: 75 %
    Pressure: 1011 hPa

  2. Whew. I am glad to know that at least the planet’s not upside-down. And thanks a zillion for the weather update. I have friends in Auckland! How exciting is that??!?!

    Tomorrow here, it’s supposed to be in the mid-40s F (around 4 or 5 C?). So that’s at least closer to normal. And then I’m sure I will be complaining about how darn cold it is, and wet, and won’t-winter-ever-end, blabbitty-blabbitty-blah. Some people are just never happy.

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