Didn’t Mean to Leave You Hanging

I recently wrote about feeling some weird apprehension over an upcoming party. Not thinking that anyone who wasn’t otherwise planning to attend said party would actually read this blog, I was slightly confused when I saw the following comment waiting in the moderation queue:


I had to figure out just what this stranger (Lisa) was referring to. I mean, my very first reaction was oh, crap, I owe someone money. And then I saw the post she was commenting on, and remembered. I had complained about my Yankee Swap party, and whined that maybe no one would show up, and I worried that the whole shebang would be a dismal failure. So I suppose I should respond with a little follow-up post.

The party was actually very nice. The food was good, except perhaps the spinach artichoke dip, which I left in the oven a tad too long. (Not burnt, just overcooked.) People actually came. We drank [many] [ahem] drinks and did our Swapping thing, which was pretty hilarious. One friend went home with a used garbage disposal, and someone else got a wooden wall hanging that we all decided was a fertility god. Some people stayed past ten o’clock, and a few lingered until eleven. I think there was even a little hooking up going on in the front yard, judging by some extraneous cigarette butts I found in the driveway. Good times.

So my apologies for putting that lamentable post out there and then never responding. Next time, I’ll be sure to follow up when I feel it necessary to bitch and moan to the universe. It never occurred to me that the universe just might answer back.

And Lisa? You make me very happy. You also make me paranoid and nervous, to be sure, but also very happy. Thank you for that. You are one in a million.


2 thoughts on “Didn’t Mean to Leave You Hanging

  1. You spoiler! I know there was no hooking up. But it’s so much more fun to speculate about what *might* have been going on out there in the driveway.

    And the ciggie butts are always there, since you-know-who is always stopping by. It just added a bit more drama to mention them. Tee hee.

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