Binge And Purge (Not for the Faint of Heart, or For Those on Dial-up)

On this, the first day of 2008, I made myself useful by bingeing and purging. Closets and drawers, of course. I’m too squeamish to actually make myself puke, although the clutter in our house does have me a bit nauseous.

We started with DH’s closet. It had clothes of his from way back when he was in high school (and several pounds lighter). It had clothes from my Dad, which we inherited when he died five years ago. It had gone from a nice, organized system to a LIFO method of dysfunction. So, we emptied it, sorted it, and put it back together (even washing the walls and sweeping the carpet!) As we worked, he tried just about everything on to help us decide what to keep and what to get rid of. At the end, we were left with a giant pile of donations, a large basket of laundry and mending, and one beautiful, useful, organized closet.

I felt left out, however. I mean, I was in the thick of the cleaning for the better part of four hours, but wasn’t going to get much organizational love from DH’s fresh new closet. Maybe, when it was time to put the laundry away, I would appreciate the airy and streamlined clothes system, but that’s like getting a new griddle for Mother’s Day. I wanted something facelifted for ME.

Later on, I was doing up the dishes and, lo! There was my muse, in the most obvious of places: the Kitchen Gadget Drawer.

Oh, it was ugly.


This drawer had become so crammed with junk that I couldn’t even open it all the way. And just what was all this stuff, anyway?


I started taking things out of the drawer. There were your typical cooking gadgets, of course- the things you would expect to find:


…along with things that you might not expect:


There were gadgets in there that I use nearly every day:


There were gadgets I wished I used every day:


There were gadgets which I don’t use all that often, but come in awfully handy when I do:


There were gadgets I hadn’t used in a long time,


and some gadgets I don’t use as often as I should.


Some gadgets I had never used, and wasn’t quite even sure how to:


I found lots of things that didn’t belong in the drawer, too, like useless paper…


…and long-lost dice…


… and a keychain light.


I found things I thought I had lost forever:


…and things that I had been looking for just yesterday:


There were things that I kept “just in case” I needed them:


And things I hoped we never needed.


There were things Made In America:


Along with things I’m pretty sure weren’t:


There was so much stuff in this drawer that I had duplicates of some gadgets.


I had triples of others.


Some items I don’t ever remember even putting into the drawer in the first place.


I found the world’s largest collection of twist ties,


a budding collection of rubberbands,


a gigantic assortment of writing implements,


and an embarassing collection of used-but-still-useful birthday candles.


Finally, everything was out of the drawer.


The drawer itself got a nice scrub,


as did the organizer trays.


Then, finally, with much giddyness, I gently put everything away with some semblance of order and organization. Finally, I had my very own, lovely, clean, cheerful, Organized Space to enjoy each and every day.


Ahhh. Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “Binge And Purge (Not for the Faint of Heart, or For Those on Dial-up)

  1. ay ya ya!! Are you SURE we’re not related? I spent my time off this summer doing lots and lots of this…..

    Of course, if you saw my closet room right now….um….on second thought, better that you don’t.

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