Party Jitters

Tomorrow is my big, giant, huge, crazy, annual holiday party. This is the fifth year we’ve done it, out of six years. (For me, that’s pretty amazing consistency.) It’s a ball of fun and everyone always has a great time, yours truly included. However, on this, the eve of the big event, I’m feeling more than a few butterflies.

Last year, we had a really small crowd. There were lots of reasons: weather (sucky snow + ice), timing (the Saturday two days before Christmas, and no one was in town yet or else they had other plans), some people had to work, some people who normally came didn’t come into town for the holiday that year, etcetera. I really felt awful. I put so much work into that party and hardly anyone showed up. The year before was gigantic (over 40 people), and the year before that was even bigger, so it was a real let-down. I hope this is not the start of a terrible downward trend. Maybe my party’s attendance is tied to the housing market or something. Ugh! Banish the thought.

This year, as always, I’m making a ridiculous amount of food. Maybe that’s why I’m nervous. I could probably feed a small Iraqi village with the food I have in my fridge. Look at this menu:

  • Hot Clam Dip in a homemade onion-and-garlic bread round
  • Beef satays (which are marinating right now and smell totally yummy)
  • Hot artichoke-spinach dip
  • Spicy sausage carrozza (even though I dislike Michael Chiarello’s tv persona, he does make a delish dish more often than not)
  • A.B.’s Svedish meatballs (because I love Alton Brown’s tv persona, and he coincidentally offers delish dishes as well)
  • Kielbasa bites
  • Fresh pineapple
  • Crudités (with store-bought dip, only because my mom had it on hand and I don’t want to waste stuff)
  • Fabulous cheese plate and relish tray with gourmet crackers
  • Assorted snackie type things like chips and other non-hydrogenated goodies
  • HOME MADE EGG NOG <– (how could you not come, if just for the eggnog??!)
  • A lovely fruit punch and other assorted soft drinks

So. I ask you. How many people besides my parents and in-laws do you think will actually show up tomorrow? And why am I obsessing about it? I guess it’s because last year was so lame. I do remember saying, in a dank moment of self-pity, as I tearfully cleaned up the abundant leftovers, that I will never do this again! I will not put myself out there like this again, only to be snubbed and forgotten! Then they’ll learn, won’t they?!

But that was last year.

This year, I’m getting back on the horse. I’m making the food, cleaning the house, and hoping people show up. DH might let me put some lights on just for the occasion. Heck, I might even turn up the furnace. Don’t people realize the lengths we’re going to for them?

So, if you’re in our neighborhood tomorrow night, do stop by. Even if it’s just for the eggnog.


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