Cookie Luv

The girls and I are baking cookies today. So far, we’ve made a double batch of Vanishing Raisin Oatmeal Cookies. They are thusly named because the raisins vanish before even going into the bowl.

It’s fun to have the kids help with baking. They are so unconventional about the process, which is refreshing. They don’t pay close attention to details, like exact measurements. They taste everything along the way- even the flour. They don’t put the ingredients into the bowl in order. They don’t line cookies up neatly on the tray like Mama does. And they think everything is just hilarious.


But we made some darn yummy cookies, let me tell you.


I thought the kids would eat more of the oatmeal cookies, but they were busy snacking on chocolates from our pretzel cookies.


Still, we ended up with a nice stash, and I think these cookies will make good gifties for my siblings.


I love cookies. Mmmmm…


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