Status Report

I am better. Still sniffly, now cough-y, but less achy and much more chipper-y. Y.

DD1’s little rosy cheeks are ruddier than usual, but she is otherwise unscathed.

DD2 has a runny nose and a touch of diaper rash from the post-nasal drip, but is otherwise unscathed. Well, she’s having trouble getting to sleep because of the stuffyness. But, otherwise, she is also largely unscathed.

DH, unfortunately, did not fare as well as the rest of us. He got hit the hardest this go ’round, I’m afraid. I think it will be Wednesday before he’s able to go more than five minutes without blowing his nose or horking up phlegm.

On the bright side, I got some Puffs Plus last night. No more TP for this nose. Not that I’ll be needing it much longer, mind you.

Even better, I got to use the word phlegm in my blog. How often does one get to use a word like phlegm? Obviously, not often; hence my overzealous use here. Alright, let me just get the last bit of phlegm out of my system. I promise, I won’t use phlegm again for a long, long time.

At least, I sure hope not. I’ve got Christmas to tend to in just fourteen days.


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