Under The Weather

Where did this phrase come from, I wonder?  Under the weather.  I suppose, if you live in the midwestern US (as I do), where weather is frequently miserable and cruddy, it would really do a great job of conveying just how sick you were feeling if you said you were worse than the weather.  Whoever came up with under the weather certainly didn’t live someplace lovely, like southern Oregon or Hawaii.  Of course, people probably don’t get awful colds in places where there’s nice weather.

In any case, I’m under it.  I’m under  a heaping pile of sniffly, wintry, tea-drinking, thermal-underwear-wearing, blanket-huddling, body-aching weather.  I mean, I have a lousy cold.  It’s not nearly as bad as the beginning of the year, when we all had vomitus projectilius maximus, but it sure does feel awful.  And after 24 hours of blowing my nose into toilet paper, I completely understand why people spend money on Puffs Plus.

Good night.  I’m off to smear Vaseline on my upper lip and drown my sorrows in orange juice.  I hope tomorrow will be a better day.  At the very least, the weather’s looking up.


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