More Snow

It snowed again last night. We got about 3 ” of awesome snow: fluffy, light, white snow, the kind that stacks up on the tree branches and makes funny hats on top of your barbecue grill. I love this early-winter snow. Late-winter snow is icy and harsh, or else grey and slushy. Early December snow is like cotton from heaven, except without all the bleach.

Snowy Vinca

Actually, that picture is from yesterday, before all the whiteness really stacked up. I’m hoping we’ll get some more flurries later, so I can get a snowy action-shot with white everywhere.

I got most of my chores done for today, so I am going to put my feet up on the couch, turn on some Christmas music, pour some tea, and finish crocheting a Totoro for my nephew’s birthday.

Let’s hope the kids are willing to play silently in their room along.


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