I Have A Zillion Cookies (Minus One) (Okay, Minus A Lot)

The cookie party was yesterday. It seemed to be a success. I had a nice time, anyway. How could you not, with a giant tabletop full of cookies…


…and a giant bowl full of eggnog? I ask you.

We had quite a variety. My favorite part, which is because I am totally cheesy and sappy and sentimental, was when we all went around and told a story about our cookies. Each person pointed out which cookies she had made and then said a few words about the recipe. Some of them were sweet, like my aunt’s story about how her cooky recipe came from her husband’s grandmother and was a family favorite. My dear friend, T, had a tale of Cooky Making Gone Terribly Wrong, which was so funny it left us all looking for tissues. I thought that the show and tell part was a nice personal touch, and it recognized all the hard work that went into making these cookies.

My only complaint about the cookies is that there was just not enough chocolate. One batch of cocoa pinwheels, one set of macaroons dipped in chocolate, and some crazy-colored Oreo balls are hardly enough to satisfy the chocolate fiend. (i.e. Me.)

I am still picking through my cookie haul and sampling frequently. A box of assorted cookies is even better than a bag of Hallowe’en candy, since I don’t have to unwrap each little tasty morsel. Cookies are so much more environmentally friendly than candy, since there aren’t any wrappers to pitch. It makes me feel good about eating all that fat and sugar. I’m bingeing green!!

Even without sufficent chocolate, the selection is divine. The potato-chip cookies are really unique. I ate two just to be certain I was tasting them correctly. I liked the orange, lemon and lime sliced cookies for their visual appeal, although the flavor is just a bit strong for me. The coffee cookies are wonderful because they’re not terribly sweet. And the cutout cookies are so much fun to look at (and eat).


I wonder if there will be any left for Christmas?


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