Holiday Overload

Last year, I complained about how complicated and commercialized our holidays were. A lot of it was my fault, because I simply tried too hard to do too much.

Apparently, I haven’t learned my lesson.

This year is already shaping up to be a hectic and crazy season. Today, I caught myself getting short with the kids because I was trying to do all sorts of Important Things and they kept getting underfoot.

Fortunately, I stopped, took a deep breath, and gave up following my list of Important (To Me) Things.  Instead, I detoured onto the list of Truly Important Things.

That’s right.  I strung beads with the kids to hang on the tree.  I read them stories under the covers, since our sunroom is chilly.  I made them Mama Toast (real grilled cheese).   I took a nap with them.

While my personal List is still quite lengthy, and not getting much scratched off of it since I was following the list of Truly Important Things instead,  I noticed that the items on the personal List seemed to take on less and less Importance as the day progressed.  While my fingers still ached to knit more gifts and do more cleaning and iron all the tablecloths, my brain slowly relaxed and allowed Life to come into much better focus.   I daresay certain obscure items on List A might even just fall off, they have so little priority now.

I love my children.  They’re teaching me not to be so damn anal.  They’re helping me escape some of my Type A personality’s self-stressors.  They’re showing me the real meaning of the holidays.

And now, since they are sleeping, let’s get back to the original List.  I’ve got at least 9 hours before they’ll be wanting breakfast.


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