Hallowe’en is coming

So I have been making a concerted effort to turn my computer off during the day, because I get lulled into this comfy chair in front of the soft, warm, glowing screen, and it just sucks the time out of me. Evil computer. Bad internet. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But…. Hallowe’en is coming! I love Hallowe’en. It’s one of my favorite holidays. (How could you not love a holiday where your neighbors open their doors and throw fistfulls of candy into your sack?!) It’s even more fun with kids, let me tell you.

By now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Self? What does turning off the computer have to do with Hallowe’en being just around the corner? And why does she keep putting an apostrophe in Hallowe’en?”

Well, the short answer to the segue question is this: I have found that, by turning off my computer more often, I have more time to actually do Hallowe’en stuff. Because usually I spend the days and weeks leading up to my pretty-much-favorite holiday dreaming and thinking (read: surfing) about the things I would be doing if I had the time to do them. And this “time” that I refer to would be the time that got sucked out of my life by the darn internet.  Don’t you see the correlation?  And so, by staying away from the computer, I find myself discovering (re-discovering, perhaps) a vast amount of heretofore wasted time that is suddenly available to do things like make bat-cookies and dress my children in silly costumes.

Not costumes like these, however:

Child's Toilet Costume

Or these:

Oh mygod


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