Bring Me Your Cookies. Leave Them on the Table. Back Away Slowly.

I am hosting my first-ever cookie party this year. It is important to mention this because the notion of The Cookie Party is slowly consuming almost every waking moment.  Well, not quite. I’m still rather addicted to yarns and knitting. But the cookies are catching up.

So far, a lovely assortment of nine cookies – er, I mean, ladies- are going to attend. I hope to get that number up to an even dozen. Okay, sorry. That was a weak baking pun and I shouldn’t have even tried it. It came out flatter than year-old baking powder.

I did not stress to people that these cookies had better be made with real butter. I hope it was not necessary to do so. There should not ever be such thing as a “low-fat” cookie. Cookies are sinful nuggets of confectionery goodness, and are not supposed to be good for you.  They should definitely not be tampered with by leaving out the animal fats. I am saying this for the benefit of my dear friend who tried to make a pie crust with whole-wheat flour AND who then questioned the wisdom of using lard therein. When will some people ever learn?  Desserts <> health food.  Corollary to same:  Fat = yummyness. If you don’t want the fat, don’t eat the cookies.  If you want health food, I’m pretty sure cookies are not what you want.

In fact, I’m sure you don’t want the cookies. Just leave them here; we’ll take care of them for you.

My favorite cookie: a true shortbread.  I like the ones that leave little grease stains on your napkin if they sit too long.  Lorna Doones are NOT good shortbreads, FYI.

The only cookie I don’t like:

Hmm.  I’ll have to get back to you on that one, if I ever figure out what it is.

What’s your favorite cookie?  And what should I make for the cookie exchange?  (Chocolate chip cookies are not allowed, since this is a holiday party.)

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