First, read this if you have a moment.

Now. Sit down and listen, because I’m angry, and disgusted, and, well, because your Mother (Me) said so.

If you’ve ever looked through my blogroll, you might suspect me of being a little liberal. That would come from all the Eat Wilds and Grist Mags in there. Believe not what you see, dear reader. I am a cold-hearted Libertarian.

Unfortunately, since the Libertarian Party is sadly underwhelming – particularly in my neck of the woods – I generally vote Republican. This is because I have to choose between two lousy, awful, lame parties, and the lousy, awful, lame candidates they put up every election, and so I go with the guys who bother me the least. In theory.

I say in theory, because the Republican party is supposed to be the party of Less Government. Bah. Those fascist pigs lied. They’re not the party of Less Government. Not anymore. They’ve become the party of Not Your Granny’s Old Government; We’re Now Your Older Male Sibling. [in case I’m being spied upon, that’s code talk for Big Brother.]

[Damn. I blew the code thing out of the water. ]

Well, never mind the code thing, then. Let me just come out and say that I am completely and thoroughly disgusted with the current administration, which I am now utterly ashamed to say I voted for. Twice.

In 2004, I told people that I voted against John Kerry, not for George W. Bush. I was just being clever. Well, sort of.

In 2005, I dubiously but dutifully said that it was a good thing Kerry wasn’t in office…. right??

In 2006, I wished I could re-vote the last presidential election over again.

Now, I wish out loud that I could take both my votes back. I feel the current administration owes me not one, but two refunds. Liars.

We no longer have a President, I fear. Gone is the George Washington who assumed the Presidency with reluctance. Here is the George W. Bush, who took it ruthlessly – and then took even more than he was entitled to. He’s still taking more. “The Decider”, indeed. Our forefathers would be pulling out their long guns and army greys and looking for Redcoats if they knew what was going on in Washington today.

I am ashamed of what our country has become. And I am angry with you, you lousy Democrats. Yes, you! You couldn’t come up with anyone better than John Kerry, could you? And now, you’re bickering amongst yourselves over who is going to assume the throne – er, I mean, who you’d like us to elect President- if and when GWB’s term is over. You’re not talking about redressing the horrific acts of rape and pillage being mounted daily upon our Constitution. No one is saying, “Gee! Please elect me, so that I can undo all the wrongs Dick and George (et al) have done.” Why the hell aren’t you impeaching people? Why aren’t you demanding that the checks and balances be restored, that Americans stop living in fear of their own – OUR OWN – government?? What are you doing right now to stem the torrent of illegal, immoral blood that is gushing out of our cherished Constitution???!?!?!?!

It doesn’t matter who gets elected once Der Commander’s term expires. Democrat or Republican, you slimy politicians are all the same. You make me want to wash your mouths out with soap and then sit you in the Time Out corner for all the lies, lies, lies. None of you give a poopy diaper about what this country is supposed to stand for. If you did, you’d be making a stink up there on the Hill right now. This is especially true of the Democrats. You’ve got the Congress. Why the hell aren’t you doing something constructive with it??

I’m sure the NSA or Homeland Scrutiny or a half-dozen unnamed “government” agencies are reading this post. (Hmm.. through feed readers, I’m certain.) They’re all buy-partisan, so it doesn’t matter who gets elected next as they’ll still be around, spying on their fellow citizens. Well, go ahead, boys. Stick it in my file (and then stick it you-know-where). As of today, 9/26/2007, it is still legal to criticize the government without fear of reprise. I better hurry up and post this before tomorrow comes and that little bit of freedom goes out the window along with everything else.

(Speaking of which, I came across another post that says something quite similar, but much more politely.)

And, for the record, if I don’t post for a while, please send search parties. I’ll probably be hanging out with Habeas Corpus, wherever she has been hiding the last 7 years.


2 thoughts on “Bahloney.

  1. And I want to say so badly, “I told you so!” but you and I both know that we don’t stand so far apart politically as it would appear at first blush.

    Gloreee, W scares me. Lots. The current rhetoric about a possible 3rd war in Iran terrifies me. I’ll be singing “O Canada” faster than you can say ‘American as apple pie’…..

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