Can The Tomatoes

Oh my stars. I wish I could upload aroma. My house smells like a gigantic, savory, ripe tomato.


Today was the day to undertake canning. I’ve dabbled in it a bit; we made homemade applesauce the last two years, and that went well. It’s really not known if the canning was technically successful since we ate all of the applesauce before it would have gone bad. That’s a pity. The perfectionist scientist in me would like to know if I did it right.

It’s a few hours later, and I’m staring at this lovely rack of glass jars, full of the ruddy goodness of crushed tomato heaven. I can’t wait to make soup, or sauce, or even chicken cacciatore with them. I’m going to have to stash one in the recesses of my pantry, to save it long enough to find out if the Ohio State University Extension Service really knew what it was talking about when it said to process those suckers for 45 minutes.

I sure hope they were right.

You’re welcome to see all my lovely photos and endless gushing comments about tomatoey goodness on Flickr.


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