The State Of Our Union

As I mentioned before, the end of our monstrous home improvement undertaking is in sight. Unfortunately, even after a long, hard day of working on The Project That Never Dies, we are just as far now as we were last night at this time. But I mean that in a good way.

This office-remodel project has taken on a life of its own. I think it is like a government. It started out small, with a simple goal (in this case, the goal was to paint a room to make it more pleasant. Period.) Over time, though, more and more tasks got caught up in its web. It sort of self-perpetuated, and in a fairly sneaky and underhanded way. Like government, it convinced us that it was a good idea to allow it to grow and encompass more and more of our lives, until we just couldn’t get rid of it. And now we’re so entrenched that the only way out is to move.

Just kidding.

Today’s detour was actually a bit of manna that just happened to fall our way. I was telling my darling DH, who deserves the HOTtY (Hubby Of The Year) Award after this gargantuan Honey-Do list, that my main problem in organizing our home was due to a lack of storage space, particularly in the bedrooms/ office areas. Most of our home’s furniture involves sitting or lying down, with very few places to shove things. Wouldn’t you just know that my DBIL called that very night to say he was the man with some used metal cabinetry, and that we were welcome to take it gratis if we were interested.

How’s that for providence?

So today, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by cleaning, scrubbing, and painting these very functional metal cabinets, quite reminiscent of my high school chemistry lab, out in the driveway. They look much nicer than the institutional versions since they don’t have any beakers or flasks in them, and also because they are no longer avocado green but a nice, white enamel. I’m excited about them. One will go in my office, of course, and three will go in a corner of the kids’ room. They will make wonderful storage places for all that marvelous stuff we manage to accumulate. I can’t wait to fill them up. It was worth an extra day.

I hope this project doesn’t expect me to pay any more in taxes…

You can see a little slideshow of the progress on my Flickr stream, here.

And for the OCD among us, here is the updated Punch List.

  • Polyurethane Kids’ Room floor
  • Polyurethane office floor
  • Make cutouts in baseboards for two registers
  • Install baseboards and registers
  • Stain shoe moulding
  • Install shoe moulding
  • Mount two receptacles for phone/network connections
  • Touch up two small spots of paint that don’t look quite right
  • Make curtains*
  • Hang curtains
  • Frame artwork
  • Hang artwork
  • Move furniture back into room
  • Move stuff back into room
  • Move kids’ stuff back into Kids’ Room
  • Pass out in exhaustion  (we’ve done this one several times over)

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