A Couple Of Punches But Not Yet Out

  • Polyurethane Kids’ Room floor One coat down (still need at least two more)
  • Polyurethane office floor
  • Make cutouts in baseboards for two registers
  • Install baseboards and registers
  • Stain shoe moulding
  • Install shoe moulding
  • Mount two receptacles for phone/network connections
  • Touch up two small spots of paint that don’t look quite right
  • Make curtains*
  • Hang curtains
  • Frame artwork
  • Hang artwork
  • Move furniture back into room
  • Move stuff back into room
  • Move kids’ stuff back into Kids’ Room
  • Pass out in exhaustion

2 thoughts on “A Couple Of Punches But Not Yet Out

  1. *Yawn* I’m exhausted just reading this. I can’t imagine undertaking this and running after 2 toddlers. But it will be beautiful when it is done. {{{hugs}}} The end is in sight!

  2. Just wait ’til you see these curtains. Wowza! I have to admit, I’m proud of ’em.

    As for the toddlers… let’s just say that I think Walt Disney should be given sainthood.


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