Punch List

The end is in sight. I mean it this time. We have made great progress on our remodeling job(s), and it’s almost time to put the house back together.


I learned that the easiest way to finish a big, overwhelming job is to break it down into all of its smaller task components. You can then do each task and the whole thing moves along very nicely. Contractors like to call this a “punch list”. I think it comes from punching holes in the physical paper that the list is printed on, meaning that the task you’re punching out has been completed. In my world, it just means my husband is going to punch me in the head if I add any more things to the punch list. And I had better punch out the tasks already on the list right quick, or that might also result in some punching. But it also means that I get to enjoy a giant glass of highly alcoholic punch once I’ve finished everything on the list. And I’m really looking forward to that part.

Well, then. Without further ado, (adieu?!) – here is our Punch List.

  • Polyurethane Kids’ Room floor
  • Polyurethane office floor
  • Make cutouts in baseboards for two registers
  • Install baseboards and registers
  • Stain shoe moulding
  • Install shoe moulding
  • Mount two receptacles for phone/network connections
  • Touch up two small spots of paint that don’t look quite right
  • Make curtains*
  • Hang curtains
  • Frame artwork
  • Hang artwork
  • Move furniture back into room
  • Move stuff back into room
  • Move kids’ stuff back into Kids’ Room
  • Pass out in exhaustion

I hope we can finish it this weekend. It would be wonderful to have some order back in the house, even if only for a while. Because I’m sure we’ll come up with another project soon, and be neck-deep in more chaos with another hare-brained and spontaneous home improvement idea.

If that happens, please – somebody punch me.

* Yes, I’m making curtains for this room. I found a beautiful batik fabric and just couldn’t resist snatching it up. It’s going to give the room a punch of color.


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