Bon Voyage

The girls and I are getting ready to go on a little trip to visit my sister in Chicago. That is very exciting, until I think about the fact that we are leaving in just a few days and I am hopelessly not ready.

My mom is coming in from her “winter” home in Florida to accompany us to the big city.  We pick her up at the airport in the morning, and then all of us girls will catch a train west on Thursday night.  I’ve been telling the kids about this for a few days, and it’s all DD1 can think about.  She is constantly prattling on about it.  “Today is Tuesday,” she ticks off on her little hand. “An’ tomorrow, we go to the airport, and we’ll pick up… NANA!!!  And then we’ll get on the train, and go see Aunt L!”

Truth be told, I’m looking forward to our adventure.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that, with children, vacations are no longer the relaxing hiatus from busy life they once were.  Now, they are extra work: the packing, the planning, the provisioning.  But it is a change of pace, a chance to see my sister and mom, and a new adventure for the girls.   I can’t wait to show them a real Big City, and I’m looking forward to the time with my family.

Better get those suitcases filled up…


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