Because I Want To Write, But Have Nothing Interesting To Say

I’m going to borrow this list-making idea from another blog I enjoy reading. She claims the idea’s not her own, either, but this sounded like fun. Here goes….

100 (Meaningless) Things (About Me)

  1. My initials are 3 consecutive letters in the alphabet, but not consecutively.
  2. I like my name. Now. For a long time, I hated it.
  3. I have always hated, and still hate, the version of my name where people shorten it and then add “-ny”, though. If you’re going to shorten it, make it three letters and be done with it.
  4. I did not change my last name when I got married. This was mostly out of laziness, and only slightly out of a desire to snub the patriarchy in which we live.
  5. Speaking of patriarchy, I am now a full-time mom. I don’t earn any income outside the home. That’s particularly funny if you knew me before I had kids.
  6. I like staying at home with my family, even though I work harder and earn less than ever before in my life.
  7. I was adopted.
  8. I like the fact that I was adopted. It makes me feel “special” – in a good way.
  9. My adopted father’s sister, who is my godmother as well as my aunt, just adopted twins.
  10. I married a twin.
  11. My husband’s twin has two boys. We have two girls. None of our children are twins, though.
  12. My kids both have my maiden name as their middle name.
  13. I live in the same town I went to high school, although I moved away for a while.
  14. My husband and I went to the same high school, but we didn’t know each other until well after we had both graduted.
  15. Our brothers were best friends growing up.
  16. Both of our fathers were teachers.
  17. We each have two siblings.
  18. I have a commercial driver’s license, and used to drive a bus.
  19. I also have the motorcycle and passenger endorsements on my license.
  20. I can back up a vehicle using only the side mirrors.
  21. I cannot back up with a trailer, however.
  22. I don’t have a favorite color.
  23. My favorite food is homemade pasta and sauce, or a tomato sandwich on toast with a light spread of mayo.
  24. I wish I liked broccoli, but I don’t. At all.
  25. I drink a lot of coffee.
  26. I can spell better than most people. In fact, misspelled words generally bother me.
  27. Bad grammar, when written, bothers me a lot, too. Spoken grammatical mistakes aren’t as big a deal.
  28. I can sort of speak French, read a little Latin, and recognize some Italian and Spanish.
  29. I won first prize for French poetry recitation at a high school competition. Over fifteen years later, I was hard-pressed to purchase subway billets in Montreal.
  30. My honeymoon was in Montreal.
  31. I never thought I would go to Montreal for my honeymoon.
  32. Actually, I never thought much about my honeymoon at all, before deciding to get married, since I never really planned to get married.
  33. My wedding was on New Year’s Eve.
  34. I got married right at midnight.
  35. My husband and the groomsmen carted my big screen TV, which I inherited from my grandfather when he passed away, to the venue so we could watch Dick Clark and time our ceremony to coincide with the ball dropping. It was also a sentimental gesture towards Grandpa and our other passed relatives, who we honored with a video photo montage on the screen right before the ceremony.
  36. We didn’t have a wedding rehearsal of any kind. We decided how we were going to stand, walk, etc., just before the music started at 11:45 PM.
  37. Our flower girls carried noisemakers and streamers instead of flowers.
  38. The bridesmaids and groomsmen passed out champagne during the ceremony, so we could all toast at midnight.
  39. Our first song was The Tubes’ “She’s A Beauty”.
  40. I did not have – or want – an engagement ring.
  41. We do not have any formal photography from our wedding.
  42. We have a zillion informal photos from our wedding.
  43. My father died of complications from cancer one week after I returned from my honeymoon.
  44. My mother and I were sitting next to his hospital bed when he died. It was the first time I had ever seen an un-embalmed dead person.
  45. I’m very glad to have been with him and with my mother at that particular moment.
  46. It was just then, as I held my mother tight and told her not to look at Dad’s body, that I realized I was no longer a child.
  47. I lost my hair in a circular spot the size of a quarter from all the stress in my life at this time.
  48. Thank goodness it wasn’t a Susan B. Anthony-sized circle.
  49. It all grew back without drugs.
  50. I’ve never colored my hair.
  51. I never use conditioner, or a blow-dryer.
  52. My idea of styling my hair is to run a brush through it. Twice, if we’re going someplace fancy.
  53. I often forget to floss.
  54. I often forget deodorant.
  55. I avoided deodorant when I was pregnant. It didn’t do much good then, anyway.
  56. I once backpacked approximately 45 miles over 5 days. Needless to say, I did not use floss or deodorant during that time.
  57. My husband gave me a pair of pretty diamond stud earrings shortly before we got engaged. I never take them out- partly so I don’t lose them, and partly so I don’t forget to put earrings in.
  58. My husband is the only person who’s ever given me a nickname.
  59. Most everyone I know knows my nickname, but DH is the only one allowed to call me by it. It’s an unspoken but understood rule.
  60. I am very stubborn.
  61. I am also very lonely. Mostly because I am very stubborn, probably.
  62. I do not trust the government, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the agribusiness industry, or the school systems.
  63. The same goes for media, police, politicians, proselytizers, and people selling things.
  64. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic party resonates with me.
  65. Church doesn’t really resonate with me, either.
  66. I believe in the notion of god.
  67. I’m not so sure about God, however.
  68. I generally like myself, in spite of wanting to lose (quite a bit of) weight.
  69. I am most proud of my children: both of them individually, as well as how I approached their births and lives.
  70. My oldest daughter was “flipped” before she was born.
  71. My younger daughter was born at home.
  72. The midwife didn’t get there in time, because I kept telling her not to come.
  73. My mother is still upset about this, and thinks the midwife should have ignored me and come anyway.
  74. DD2 was born in our bedroom.
  75. I was standing up.
  76. DH caught her.
  77. Literally, or she would have fallen out onto the floor.
  78. We put the placenta in my biggest stainless-steel mixing bowl.
  79. Like my old TV, that bowl used to belong to my grandfather.
  80. I breastfed DD1 all through DD2’s pregnancy.
  81. She nursed just a few minutes after her sister was born.
  82. 16 months later, both my girls are still nursing.
  83. That means I’ve been lactating for just a few weeks past three years.
  84. We donated pumped breast milk to a milk bank last Christmas. It was our family’s charitable gift for the year.
  85. I’m still trying to figure out where to put that on the income tax forms.
  86. I am running out of ideas for this list.
  87. I have a lot of bad habits, but they are almost all self-destructive.
  88. I am very good at planning, but terrible at execution.
  89. I cannot keep a schedule, or maintain a routine.
  90. My house is never completely picked up, although it’s not horrid. Not really.
  91. My husband is kind about this and never mentions it to my face.
  92. My husband is a picky eater, but he will still try most anything I cook.
  93. The best thing about him is that we fit together just right.
  94. We almost didn’t get together at all.
  95. He claims I broke up with him. I didn’t know we were actually dating, but the end result was that we both started dating other people.
  96. We both broke up with our other people that same year, but didn’t start dating each other again for a few months.
  97. Our first first date was an overnight trip to Washington, DC. Our second first date was an overnight trip to New York City.
  98. Our first kiss, ever, was on New Year’s Eve.
  99. In Times Square.
  100. At Midnight.

Thank you, Embejo, for this fun little exercise!


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