Sew What?

Hi, my name is MotherMe, and I am a textile addict.

It started long ago, when, as a young girl, my mother taught me to do latch-hooking. I seem to remember she had a large yellow smiley-face rug that she had started while pregnant with my brother. I worked on it off and on over the years until I ran out of yellow yarn. Hmm.  Wonder what ever happened to that thing?

Anyway, in Girl Scouts, we learned a little sewing for one of the badges. I could put  buttons on without thinking and sewed all my own patches on my sash. In middle school, we learned to cross stitch in Home Economics class. We were supposed to do one of those “beginner” stamped cross-stitch kits as the main project in our six-week course. I completed four, three of them counted (rather than pre-stamped). One was rather intricate and involved several all-night stitching marathons. I also designed and sewed an apron for my sister.

I then learned to make those knotted friendship bracelets that were oh-so-popular in the early Eighties. Seemed I was always taping one to something – the kitchen table, a window crank, the headrest of mom’s car – and tying them. Goodness knows I made far more bracelets than I had friends to give them to.

Recently, I discovered crochet. And in the year or so I have been crocheting, I’ve made no less than five blankets, four scarves, sixteen granny squares for an afghan for [can’t say who!], three soft balls for the kids, two purses, a baby sweater, a shopping bag, and a couple of other little projects that are in the works. There are three plastic tubs full of yarn in my “office”. I have plans for all of it.

The tubs are sitting next to the bolts of fabric that I’ve begun amassing for my latest textile-addiction phase: sewing. It started with a corny idea to make a gown for DD1’s birthday, which I finished the night before her big day. It is adorable and Cinderella-esque and as girly as a dress can get, being as every darn thing on it except for the rhinestone trim is pink. The next project, almost complete, is an apron for myself, and there are also three different pieces of preshrunk fabric sitting here to be cut and sewn into skirts for this summer. I found a sweet little dress pattern for DD2, and my head is just jumbled with the list of project ideas for my inherited Kenmore machine.

Once I get through all of those, there is still rag-rug making to attempt, knitting to learn, and possibly a spinning class to take. (No, not the exercise kind. This is the spinning where you make thread, not sweat.)

Seems I just can’t keep myself away from the textiles. But, as far as addictions go, there’s far worse. I’m not sure I really want to recover from this one.


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