Toughen Up

I usually avoid blogging about current events, but this whole Imus issue has my eyes rolling so hard that it’s making me dizzy. To all of you who have nothing better to do than complain about what he said, or postulate on whether or not his apology was sufficient/heartfelt, this post is for you.

Toughen up.

Quit your whining because someone said something mean and nasty. Whether you think Imus’ comments were despicable or hilarious doesn’t matter. He’s a guy saying what’s on his mind, and you have the opportunity to ignore him if you don’t like it. Or disagree. Or say something equally mean and nasty, I suppose.

All this talk about “hate speech” and “racial slur” and “politically incorrect” has ME annoyed. I think you should follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. After that, take the high road. As my mother used to say, Two wrongs don’t make a right. In other words, turn the other cheek.

Lambasting this guy because he said something offensive is as ignorant as his comment was in the first place. A free, open society needs a strong and healthy flow of ideas – yea, even the ugly, nasty ones- to keep going. Otherwise, people are going to start being afraid to say things that might not be popular. And that is a dangerous, dangerous place.

Shame on you, CBS, for your yellow-bellied cowardice. Shame on you, NAACP, for even acknowledging this fool’s rhetoric, because that gives credibility to it. That goes for the women’s groups and everyone else up in arms about this. Why don’t we pay attention to some of the real horrible things people are doing to each other, like the situation in Darfur? Now that would be something worth crying about.

Everyone, please. Quit your whining. It’s as annoying as Imus.

One thought on “Toughen Up

  1. I have always said that protecting freedom of speech means that you must protect and support the speech that you don’t like as much as the speech that you do like. Otherwise, the censorship demons will be after YOU next.

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