Duck! Eggs!

My FIL gave us some duck eggs this past weekend. Free-range duck eggs, at that. His ducks lay them by the pond, and he has to pick them up so they don’t get in the way of the tractor. I bet he has no idea just how much someone would pay for them at Whole Foods.

Duck eggs are about 1.5 times larger than a Grade A Large chicken egg. The yolks are bigger and the whites have more protein, so they make a firmer omelette. They are also richer and tastier, in a good-egg sort of way. We made scrambled eggs for Sunday breakfast and really enjoyed the experience. It was fun for the kids to compare them to the chicken eggs and talk about which bird made each one. I think we will save some for our Easter Egg Decorating Party. If I can get my hands on some more, we’ll try baking with them. I hear duck eggs make decadent desserts, which is certainly worth exploring.

We will not, however, try the Thousand Year Egg recipe.


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