Yesterday was a strange, Your Birthday Is Impending kind of day. I went to the mailbox and, to my surprise, found an early birthday card from my stepsister. Almost having forgotten that this Friday is the supposed anniversary of my birth, it took me a second to process just why she was sending me a card. But then I remembered. And yes, it was nice.

I dumped the rest of the mail into the recycling bin, since it was all resource-wasting unsolicited commercial mail (which I think should be illegal, or at least Opt-Out-able, but who am I to question our commerce system?) and headed back to the house. Just as I got inside, a white delivery van pulled into the driveway. It pulled away before I could get the kids organized and back outside, but the driver left a lovely box on my porch. And it was addressed to me!

I tore open the box. What could this be? I didn’t have any lost or pending Amazon orders (that I knew of). My monthly coffee delivery has been in the freezer since last week. This was totally unsolicited and unanticipated. My heart was suddenly beating very fast, in a good, Christmasey kind of way.

Then I noticed my artsy aunt’s distinctive scrawl on a note inside, and remembered. She was returning a collection of books-on-tape that I desperately wanted to listen to.

Last year, when we visited her in Oregon, my aunt and I listened to a wonderful book called “The Covenant”, by Beverly Lewis. When it ended, we were crushed; we didn’t know that the book was part of a series. Had we known, the ending would have made a little more sense (and been forgivable). Frustrated by all the loose ends, I looked up Beverly Lewis online when I got home. You can just imagine my delight to find that there were four more books in the series. I found all four on tape and sent them to Auntie to thank her for her hospitality. And she very thoughtfully sent them back, so I could enjoy them, too. What a wonderful pre-birthday surprise!

As if a card and an unsolicited box were not enough, you can imagine my shock when the UPS driver stopped in front of our house late in the day with another package. This one had the familiar almost-a-Nike-swoosh logo of Amazon Dot Com on the side. What could this one be? It had to be something for DH. He gets way more packages than I do. But no, this one was for me too. Wowza! I took it inside for further inspection.

Inside the box was a little green-paper-wrapped present. A Gift For You, it said. Holy crap. A Gift for Me. So I ripped that one open, too. And there, in my sweaty, sticky hand, was my very own iPod, sent by my mother. She had apparently taken me seriously when I suggested that she get me an mp3 player, after hearing her tell of all the other family members who she gave them to.

Shoot. Friday’s going to be pretty anti-climatic after this.


One thought on “iBirthday

  1. *waves hand to offer help with the retarded interface on iTunes after her own struggles*

    Not that I’m an expert…but if it is as confusing as I thought it was, I’ll be there to lend a hand to you.

    And Happy Early Bday!

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