Fashion Sense Begins At A Very Early Age

My younger DD, who is just going on 15 months, has developed a sense of fashion. I don’t know if she will make it onto the next season of Project Runway, but this might be the beginning of something.

Both of my girls did this cute trick of taking articles of clothing (usually DH’s underwear) out of the laundry basket and putting them on their heads. They would pull the material down over their ears to make a sort of bonnet, and grin at themselves in the mirror. It was adorable. DD1 used to take the underwear and put it on around her waist so it looked like a hip scarf. Sometimes she would put five or six pairs on at one time and walk around with a giant white BVD tutu.

DD2’s got her own sense of style, however. She likes to put things around her neck, the way you would wear a necklace. She found one of my handbags once and hung it around her neck by just one of the straps, with the bag and the other strap dangling in front of her belly. She thought that was so great, because she could see it. Fashion is no fun if you can’t admire yourself, right?

So here we are with DH, on a little weekender trip a few hours from home, and we’re getting ready to have dinner with friends. We get the girls’ diapers changed, and everyone is trying to put on coats and shoes and get out the door so we’ll only be a few minutes late. DD2 has found the cotton camisole I like to sleep in. She has managed to put one of the shoulder straps over her head, with the bulk of the fabric (a pleasing powder-blue shade) hanging in front of her like a little apron. It hits her just above the shoes, and she thinks herself quite striking in it. I laugh, and then move to take it off so we can get her coat on.

Her usually pleasant face scrunches up in a visibly defiant scowl, and she shakes her head. “No. No, No No,” she tells me. I laugh again. “Come on, bunny,” I say. “It’s time to go.” Now I see the thunder-cloud of a full-blown temper tantrum come over her lovely demeanor. She means it. We are going out, and this is her outfit.

I shrug. Why fight it? She looks silly, but only because no one from New York or Paris is wearing camisoles around their necks.

At least, they aren’t yet. Wait til they see her portfolio.


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