Along the lines of my last post, DD’s social skills have really blossomed.

We are traveling with DH on a “business trip” for a few days. Last night, we went into a restaurant for a late bite to eat. A well-dressed man was sitting on a bench in the foyer, waiting for takeout.

“Hi, there!” he said to DD, who was kind of squirming at the end of DH’s hand. She stopped and looked at him a little shyly. But suddenly, without any prompting, she stopped wriggling and told him her name. He looked a little surprised. Then she launched into a full-blown introduction of our entire party.

“This is my sister,” she said, pointing to DD2 in my arms. “And that’s my daddy. And this is my mommy!”

He was rather taken aback by her very matter-of-fact little introduction. “How old are you, sweetie?” he asked.

“Three,” she said, looking him square in the eye. She’ll be three in a month. Guess she’s learned about rounding up.

By this time, our table was ready, and we sat down. DD was tired, and started acting every bit of the two-and-11/12ths that she was. But I was still proud.


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