Oh, the Funny Things They Say

My almost-3-yo is quite perceptive.

Take yesterday, for example. I had a children’s song stuck in my head all day and decided to sing it to her while changing diapers, in the vain attempt to get it unstuck.

“A-E-I-O-U. We’re the vowels. We’re the glue/ that stick the words together/ we’re very sticky letters…”

DD thought this was riotous.

“The CD!!!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, bunny,” I told her, “it’s your CD. Mommy has that song stuck in her head.”

A quizzical look came over DD’s face. “No, Mama,” she patiently explained to me. “It’s not stuck in your head. It’s stuck in your CD player!”


One thought on “Oh, the Funny Things They Say

  1. That’s cute. 😀 She’s hilarious and so articulate.

    Too bad you can’t just siphon that stuff off into a Pensive, now, isn’t it?

    I’ll see your AEIOU song and raise you CLICK CLICK BOOM, which since proofing my post earlier I can’t get rid of.

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