The Great Cull of 2007

With the potential for a big move looming on the horizon, I am newly motivated to clear out and pare down. This is something I had already started doing, albeit with much less gusto than recent days. I’ve taken advantage of our local Freecycle group to give away things I no longer use, and there is a giant pile of things in our spare room ready to go to a garage sale or eBay. Or an auctioneer, depending on how much we accumulate.

The idea of moving is exciting. Scary, but exciting. At this point, I would say there is about an even 50% chance that we would go. DH has asked Possible Future Employer to extend the formal offer. So far, from his unofficial conversations with various management types at the potential company, most of our business concerns (non-compete issues, vacation and benefits questions, etc.) have been satisfied. I guess it almost comes down to whether or not we want the hassle, because moving our household is going to be a HUGE job. Part of me does, just for the refreshing excitement. Part of me just wants another cup of coffee.

I have never been good at maintaining order. Very good at organizing, terrible at following through, is my plight. In my younger, under-the-parents’ roof days, my room was always in various stages of disarray. It would start with a pile or two of ultra-important but unfileable papers and books on a desktop. Next would come the clothes, unhung and unfolded. Then bits of this and that, here and there, would add to the chaos. Finally, with no horizontal surface left uncluttered or unpiled, and even sleeping room at a premium, I would be forced to Clean.

This was actually one of my more enjoyable rainy Saturday activities. Armed with a can of Pledge and a pop radio station, I would set about decluttering and defunking my room. But I could never just pick up and red up; I needed a complete Room Makeover to muster up the necessary motivation. I would rearrange furniture, reposition lamps and chairs, and discover an entire trash bag full of things that were better thrown away. It was invigorating, and the results were wonderful for the week or so that they lasted.

So our latest house-decluttering project is very reminiscent of those room cleaning marathons, just on a more massive scale. We are moving things around, deep-cleaning and clearing out, filling boxes with things to donate or gift or sell. We are purging our home and our lives of unnecessary clutter and an overabundance of stuff. And it is quite cleansing to the spirit, as well. Whether or not we actually move, we are escaping our old life, freeing ourselves from the weight of just too much. I feel better already.


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