Mellifluous Matters

I adore alliteration. I love its euphonious intonations, the sweetly-sung song of persistent pronounciation. Whether a caucophony of consonants, or many verbose vowels, my heart hums at the harmony. Hurrah!

3 thoughts on “Mellifluous Matters

  1. Are you inside my head? Just wondering…because

    I have been fighting the urge to write a post listing my favorite English words…which include

    eventually &

    coagulate &

    and various other alliterative pairs of words.

    I’m resisting because I refuse to do posts that are simply lists. But since we all know what incredible willpower I have, I’ll probably break down and do it soon.

  2. …she said in her spookiest voice.

    It is REALLY a good thing I don’t have a scanner or I would SO scan and post the list I made for packing for NYC. Inner list maker, indeed. I’m ‘out’ with my listmaking. Out and proud. hee.

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