I must be dreaming.

Yesterday, my DH flew out to Oregon to take a look around. As I mentioned before, he is being courted by a company out there. We have been hashing at the subject for weeks, going back and forth between staying and going. In a sense, we are really fortunate- to be in such a good situation now that it’s hard to consider leaving, and to have such a good opportunity that we would consider leaving in the first place. Doesn’t make the choosing any easier.

DH and I have talked about this between ourselves for a few weeks now. It’s just about all we talk about, actually. “If we move to Oregon……” is usually the starter to most of our conversations anymore. In a way, it’s thrilling. To start over fresh, in a young and vibrant community, is quite a jolt to my current conservative, Midwestern frame of mind. It’s fun to think about it. It’s fun to talk about it, too. We talk about it with everyone. Friends, family, people here, people there. What do you think? Should we take the job, or keep a pretty good thing going here? I probably don’t even know you, unless your name is Lucy… but I’ll take an umpteenth opinion, should you care to give it.

Today, out in OR, DH went in to the prospective company to look around and get a feel for the place. He’s done some side work for them before, and is familiar with some of the people from that perspective, but it’s different when you actually step in as an employee. Some people are fine to work with when you’re a vendor or contractor, but they turn crazy when you become a coworker. And DH will be stepping in as a manager, which automatically makes him The Enemy to some types. So he went there to feel it out, because right now the politicky stuff at his current job is minimal and palatable, and he isn’t looking for that kind of excitement if he were to take a new job.

But it seems like the people at this company want him. Not just the management, but the guys he’d be working with. It’s a relatively small place, but the people all know about him and seem really interested to get him to come out. That’s either a really nice compliment to him or to the sales guy who’s trying to hire him. Or both.

Interestingly enough, we know more people in or near NW Oregon than any other place in the world besides our hometown. I have a cousin who lives there, and an aunt just a few hours away. My brother is in Washington State. DH has a cousin there, too, and a friend who grew up across the street from his dad’s farm just moved out- and is working for this same company that wants to hire him. He also has another friend there. It would be a lot less lonely than we first thought. So now I think that we’re at a 35 % chance of going. Maybe 40%. I’ll let you know after DH files his evening report. Why do I feel like I’m dreaming?


5 thoughts on “I must be dreaming.

  1. Let’s see….

    On the upside
    More progressive community

    Better environment to raise your kids

    It isn’t Ohio

    Change is GOOD!

    It isn’t Ohio

    New friends are fun

    It isn’t Ohio

    On the downside
    Change is SCARY

    Far away from [b]GOOD[/b] (but old) friends

    Moving is a pain in the persqueeter

    Yeah, I’m still coming up with far more pros than cons…

  2. HA!

    I totally squeezed a SN reference into your blog. And it was unconscious, too, I wanted to say PITA, but y’know, potty mouth.

    That’s from one of the episodes. The actual line is “They wouldn’t know a ghost if it bit them in the persqueeter.” I wish I could claim that one, cause it is pretty damn funny, but it is some Hollywood writer. But I like it. I intend to continue to use it. 😉

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