Seeds, seeds, seeds!

What a title: “Seeds, seeds, seeds!” But trust me. It’s so much better than Seeds of Change or something equally hokey.

Guess what?!?! I got seeds in the mail yesterday! The kids and I picked out some veggies and flowers for this year’s garden, ordered them from my favourite catalogue, and now we’re having a ball looking at the packets and trying to decide which to plant first. This is the time to start peppers in Zone 5, so we’ll begin with those. In a few weeks we can get going with some of the annual flowers. We have very ambitious plans for our garden, which will hopefully contain more than just weeds like it did last year.

DD1 is fascinated with a styrofoam cup of parsley we started in late January. She did not like getting her hands dirty (ironic, for a sloppy 2 1/2 year old), but we managed to shove some peat moss and starter medium into a cup and get the seeds reasonably nestled on top. When they sprouted, less than a week later, she suddenly became fascinated with Dirt. I had to put two other cups of planting soil next to the parsley so she could poke around in them without disturbing our seedlings. Now, she likes to hold the cup and look lovingly inside it. She talks to the air as if she’s on her very own TV garden show. “Now here is our parsley. It is growing. Every day, it gets some sun and grows bigger and bigger. Soon we can EAT it!” And then she tenderly puts it back on the windowsill. What a sweet little gardener she is.

Last fall we planted some crocus and tulip bulbs in the front yard. DD1 doesn’t quite know what “springtime” is yet, but she does understand that the flowers are “sleeping” until then. Whatever spring is, when it happens, she knows that the flowers will wake up and start to grow, and then the flowers will bloom. That should be very exciting to watch.

Until then, though, it’s seeds. Seeds, seeds, seeds.


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