A Bit Of Politics

It seems like you can’t turn on the tv or internet these days without some reference to America’s political climate, a climate which, some would suggest, has some hope of turning cooler now that the Dems have power in Congress. Yes, that was a snide jab at the Republicans’ dismal environmental record. But that doesn’t mean I have a lot of hope how that the pendulum of power has shifted to the other side of the political aisle.

Both parties, I’ve decided, are full of career politicians who are inept, immoral, unethical, or – most commonly – some mix of all three. Bright people generally do not become politicians, mostly because bright people are out in the private sector doing bright things. And the notion that voters have a black-and-white view of how to do things – you’re either a Democrat or you’re a Republican – is really, in my naive little opinion, kind of un-American. Americans are rarely black-and-white. We are notoriously colorful, in fact. We also resent having fewer than thirteen choices about something. Look at the cereal aisle next time you’re grocery shopping. In the times of our forefathers, when all you had was porridge and gruel, two parties certainly might have done it, but today, well, I don’t think people are quite that intellectually (or breakfastly) limited.

As you might guess, I’m feeling pretty politically disenfranchised. Neither party really represents me. This is rather depressing, since I’m expected to go out and vote, which I do in earnest. But instead of doing my civic duty, I feel like I’m selling out my civic soul, choosing candidates that are the least offensive rather than rallying behind an inspirational leader. ‘Cause there just aren’t any inspirational leaders to be found, locally or nationally. Case in point: I did not vote for George Bush. I voted against John Kerry.

So, I have decided to list my gripes in the hopes that some of the politicians out there – Democrats or Republicans, I don’t care – might get wind of them, and wise up, so I can get back to enjoying voting again. Consider this an unsolicited customer survey.

Why I’m Not A Democrat

  • I believe in personal responsibility, both social and fiscal
  • I like guns and believe in responsibile gun ownership
  • I don’t think responsible gun ownership needs further definition other than “doesn’t use the gun to break a law”
  • I don’t think crimes need further legislation to prevent them from happening again. I would like to see existing laws enforced. Fewer laws would be even better.
  • Less government would be better still.
  • I think Michael Moore, Al Gore, Hilary, and Nancy are all nauseating.
  • I think Ted Nugent is alright.

Why I’m Not A Republican

  • I believe in corporate responsibility
  • I’m a woman, and insist that I have the final say over what happens with, to, and inside my body.
  • I believe that all other women have that same right
  • I think this is a good earth, and we should do good things to keep it that way
  • I think the War on Drugs and the War on Terror should be renamed “The War on the Constitution and Civil Liberties Under the Guise of a War on Drugs and Terror”
  • I think The Colbert Report is hilarious
  • I think Rush Limbaugh, that Hannity guy, and both Georges are nauseating.
  • I think Ted Nugent is alright

Let’s hope the Libertarians gain momentum.


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